The Hydro Design Management Company follows an interdisciplinary approach for its operation. It has a team of professionals from various backgrounds which have an exhaustive experience in their fields that effectively encourages the growth of the organization. The detailed profile of our professionals is given as below:

Mr. Kumar is B.E. (Civil) from Delhi College of Engineering and completed post graduate diploma in Business Management & Marketing from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (Orissa). He also did short term Diploma from Center for Environment Management & Planning (CEMP), University of Aberdeen UK. His areas of expertise involve Techno-commercial Functions, Project Management, Project Construction, Socio-Economic Development Projects, Environment Management, Land Acquisition and Interaction with Govt. Depts. and Ministries.

He has over 36 years experience in overall management of all different functions related to Construction and erection of Projects in the Power Sector. His core competence in end to end execution of Green-field projects for construction of Hydro, Thermal and Gas Power Plants. He has Expertise in seeking clearances for effective setting up & optimization of time for Environment related issues for Thermal Power Stations and Hydro Power Plants. He has patience and adaptability for successfully executing Socio-Economic Development Projects for rehabilitation& resettlement of Project affected people and implementation of area specific/ traditional Income Generating Schemes for them. Further, possesses hands on experience in creating Central Forest Bank of 500 Hect. Area and preparation of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration inventory and obtaining clearances. Also hands on experience/conversant with ISO 14001 (EMS) standards and have been instrumental in successfully securing ISO-14001 Certification for 15 stations for NTPC. He is Certified Lead Auditor from Marsden International, UK for EMS implementation.

He completed his B.E. Electrical, from Roorkee University, and has over 40 years of experience in hydro power development with respect to Electrical-Mechanical aspects covering
1. Feasibility studies and preparation of detailed Project report of New Hydro Electric Scheme. Detailed Design and Engineering, preparation of bidding documents, evaluation of tenders, preparation of construction drawings, assistance during Erection, testing, commissioning and operation and trouble shooting of operation problems.
2. Conducted studies of a few old schemes to assess the scope of work involved in Renovation, Modernization and up rating (RM&U) Techno-economic appraisal of new hydro schemes as well as for old schemes requiring RM&U.
3. Prepared bidding documents and carried out short listing of contractors on Global basis for conducting RM&U studies as well as works for power stations located in various places in India.

Mr. Hiremath has nearly three decades of experience in after Sales & Marketing channel management and key account management. He analyses and reviews the market response / requirements and working with engineering team for coming up new applications ; Interface with clients for suggesting the most viable product/ solutions and cultivating relations with client by the way of trouble shooting of equipment at various phases of project even after commissioning as confidence building measures; Manages activities pertaining to negotiation/ finalization of deals (techno-commercial) for smooth execution of sales and order processing . Providing technical service support to clients and resolving their issues/ concerns
Technically, he has experience of :
1. Working on projects and managing the execution. Creating and implementing of various standards and process. Conducting technical interactions with vendors in person meetings.
2. Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules of various equipment to increase equipment up time/ equipment reliability ; thereby accomplishing planned targets.
3. Proactively identifying areas of pitfalls/ breakdowns and measures to rectify the equipment through application of trouble shooting tools.
4. Managing activities right from the conceptualization stage to the execution, involving finalization of technical specifications, procurement, scheduling, progress monitoring , erection, testing and commissioning , site management, man power planning.

Mr. Aggrawal has about 38 years experience in Central Electricity Authority [retired as Member (Hydro) and ex-officio Additional Secretary to Government of India] and also as free lance consultant after retirement in various capacities, associated with planning, monitoring and design aspects of a large number of hydro projects, pumped storage projects, and Kachchh Tidal Power Project in the country. He has extensive experience in designs (electrical and mechanical) of hydroelectric projects (large, medium, small, micro and mini etc), hydroelectric planning, tidal power development, hydro project appraisal, hydro project monitoring, environmental and forest aspects of hydro project, policy matters etc.

Shyamal Roy, T L EXPERT
He has completed his B.E. (Electrical) from R E College and has vast experience of 42 years in this. His major areas of experience involve:
1. Project Management of Transmission lines and Substations. During the service period of 10 years in NTPC and 16 years in Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. , I was mostly associated with Project Management of 400KV lines and 400KV Substations.
2. Planning and preparation of schemes in line with I.E.Act,2003 and National Grid Code
3. Conversant with Tariff structure and Power trading procedures.

He did his B.Sc. Civil from Punjab University and has over 37 years post qualification professional experience in Water Resources Development, Comprising Investigation, Planning, Design, Technical Appraisal and Construction of Hydropower, Irrigation and Water supply projects. This involved civil engineering structures like dams, barrages, weirs, power intakes, desilting basins/ chambers water conductor system and power house complexes (both surface and underground) and ancillary works; canals and canal structures, sprinkler irrigation system, pumping stations, water storage, treatment and distribution system. In the last 30 years (since 1971), has been associated with mainly hydro-power projects and have been associated with more than 45 hydro-power projects. Majority of such hydro power projects were in Himalayan Region having complex geology. Some of these projects had more than 10 km long headrace tunnels.
Has experience in preparation and appraisal of feasibility and detailed project reports, technical specifications, cost-estimates and tender documents, contract and financial administration. Has also experience in hydrological observations and preparation of water-year books. Besides the above, has teaching experience at University level at the University of Zambia (College of Engineering) and the Delhi College of Engineering for teaching undergraduate & post graduate students as part-time lecturer

He has over 47 years experience in Water Resources Planning, Investigation, Design and Project Management, particularly of Irrigation & Hydropower Projects including dam safety and instrumentation, and also Thermal Power Plants, and Gas Turbine Projects. He has given Technical Advice to public sector and private consultancy organizations on various multi-disciplinary projects related to Planning & Design for Hydro-Power Projects planning alignment, conducting Surveys and final location of Dam & Barrage Axes, canal alignment, design of canals, distributaries, and structures; design of Barrage in Lime Stone, Shale / mudstone with gypsum bands Environments & Canal. He was also involved in Planning and DPR preparation for Inland Navigation Projects, Hydro Electric Power projects for Government and Private Power Development Companies, Dam Safety Inspection of Concrete and Rock fill dams and advice on Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Structures Dams, Hydel channel and cross drainage structures
Currently Professor of Information Technology Management at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, Delhi (India) 110007 and has been working with FMS for more than 21 years, i.e. since February, 1985.
35 years of professional experience in Design, Planning and Construction of civil engineering structures for irrigation projects and hydro projects. Some of the major projects include Sankosh Irrigation project - Bhutan, Tala Hydro Electric Project- Bhutan, Naraj Barrage - Orissa, Rongai Barrage- Meghalaya etc.
Has experience in preparation of specifications and civil tender documents, designing of structures, preparation of DPRs and Detailed Designs and substantial experience is Canals and Irrigation projects.
Formerly Director – Civil of Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation has more than 34 years of experience of having developed 2610 MW of hydro power in India. He has experience of working with NHPC, CWC and PWD. He is an expert on planning, design and construction of road tunnels, hydro power tunnels renovation and modernization of hydro power stations. Currently providing technical services to Snowy Mountain, Australia, Konkan Railways, Andhra Govt. He is an expert in engineering, construction, construction equipment, tunneling and large scale underground caverns and contract management

Mr. Hamid has over 7 years of experience as a CAD Draftsman for preparation of drawings for Hydro Power & Water Resources Projects including preparation of contour plans using topographical and hydrographic survey data as input utilizing AutoCAD. His major activities involves preparation of Layout Plan, Detailed Plan Sections and other details pertaining to barrages, Dams, Intake structures, Desilting Chambers, Headrace Tunnels Surge Shaft, Penstock, Pressure Shaft, Power House, Tailrace Channel and Switchyard for various Hydro power projects (For PFRs, DPRs Detailed design drawings etc) with 2D, 3D, Scanning, Digitizing the maps & Hydro Power Project Drawings on Computer. He also has basic knowledge of survey drawings.

Mr. Nitin is B.Tech (Civil) and has over 2 years of extensive national experience in design and construction of hydro-electric projects and reservoir siltation using high technology equipments to assess the life of reservoirs, Reservoir planning practices, Control of sedimentation in reservoirs etc. Mathematical Modeling Studies on Reservoir Sedimentation for number of Reservoir in India.

Mr. Sud has worked extensively in the field of Water Resources Development, Management and Hydrology for about 37 years in various capacities. He has carried out Hydrological studies and prepared Hydrology chapters for a number of projects, provided consultancy and guidance on project Hydrology to State Engineers for various major and medium irrigation projects. Further, he also worked for about 6 years as Director, Reservoir Operation and carried out studies for integrated management of Water Resources of various reservoir systems such as Bhakra-Beas, DVC and Vellar. He has worked as Hydrologist with the Govt. of Iraq for 5 years, where his major responsibilities are collection, compilation and analysis of Hydrological data of rivers Tigris and Euphrates, flood forecasting and operation & management of one of the major reservoir. Moreover, he has also handled the responsibility of Hydro-meteorological observations in Chenab Basin and issue of flood warnings to Pakistan, Prepared a number of CWC publications and presented about 40 technical papers in various National and International Seminars, Symposia and Workshops. The publication “Real Time Integrated Operation of Reservoirs” prepared by him was adjusted as a landmark publication during Water Resources Day, 1997.

He is B.E. (Civil) from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, graduated in1969. He is experienced in Hydrological aspect of Existing distressed Water Resources Projects in India based on the available updated data/ information with Developed Technique and to advise the Project Authorities appropriately for Rehabilitation of Project. Monitoring the work on Developing New Technology Hydrology by NIH, IHP, and INCOH etc. Study related to Reduced Quantum of flow in various river systems and reason thereof.

Mr. Upadhyay has completed his B.E. (Civil) from Roorkee University and has18 years of valuable experience in Hydrology. His core experience in Hydrology involves:
1. Conducting hydrological observations and analysis, Serving in the field of formations of CWC, for eight years.
2. Managing detailed hydrologic studies and appraisal of water resources projects to the entire country, as Deputy Director, Director and Chief Engineer in Hydrologic Studies Organization (HSO), CWC for ten years.
Further, he was also involved in dam safety which involves activities like Dam Safety decision requiring identification, quantification and evaluation of a mix of technical , economic social and environmental impacts; selection of dam safety measures and particularly safety design flood which often is a difficult and controversial subject; the structure and hydrologic safety of dams, including rehabilitation of distress dam requiring immediate attention; the legislation of dam safety, emergency action plan and disaster management and comprehensive manual preparation

Dr. Badal has more than 23 years varied and rich experience in Engineering Rock Mechanics, Tunnel / Underground Construction, Design and support systems, Rock Blasting, Fragmentation, Mechanical Excavation, Mining /Geological Engineering disciplines, including technical and design specifications for tunnels, Construction, underground construction safety and Project Management. He is the author of a number of important publications / technical papers. He is also recipient of various awards and recognitions for his outstanding contributions in the field of Rock Mechanics, Excavation Engineering and Engineering Geology.
He participated in a number of training programmes which included development in Site Investigation of Underground Rock Structures, Advance Underground Rock Blasting Technology, Numerical Modeling, Analysis and Design in Underground Rocks Engineering projects, Recent Developments in in-situ Testing and Performance Monitoring of Soil and Rock Stresses, Rock Discontinuities: Geological and Geotechnical Characterization, Norwegian Method of Tunneling and Field Training, Rock Stresses and Rock Engineering System, Advance Rock Blasting for Civil Engineering Projects, Ground Vibration and Air Blast Damage due to Blasting, Management of Drilling and Blasting Operations/ Techniques. He also imparted training in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Blast Design engineering for Surface and Underground structures, etc. at various Institutes of Technology / other Technical Institutions, Central Water Commission, Power Management Institute and various other organizations.

Mr. G C S Gaur is M.Tech, PhD in Applied Geology from Roorkee University. Working and development Plans for Scientific Ministry, Environmental preservation and Rehabilitation of Ecology, Feasibility Report for mining activity, Abatement plans for treatment of effluents from the proposed wool yarn manufacturing Plant of M/S APR Wools Muni-ki-Reti, Tehri, Geological Exploration of Magnesite Deposits in Garhwal for M/S Alaknanda Minerals And Chemicals.
Feasibility survey and field investigation for the location of a Micro Hydel Station at The river Aglar, North of Mussoorie for U.P. State Electricity Board, Detailed Project Report-Ramgarh Talla Micro Hydel Scheme, Nainital., Detailed Field Investigations, Geotechnical studies and Environmental Impact Assessment for Micro Hydel Projects at Miyargad, Chajnar, Abdala, Khokhta Micro Hydel schemes for NEDA, 10 Micro Hydel Schemes in the Pithoragarh District for M/S Kashmiri Lal.
Environmental Studies: Air and Water Pollution, 120 Industries in the field of – Chemicals, Sugar, Paper, Engineering, Food Processing, Supervised Turn Key Projects on ETP and Air Pollution, 5 Projects in the Sugar & Engineering Industries, EIA Studies 80 Projects of – Mining, Small Hydel projects, Multipurpose Hydel Projects , Industries, Towns and Multi-Purpose Projects

Mr. Patnaik is M.Tech in Chemical Engg. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and hold an MBA degree from IGNOU, Delhi, India. He has more than 35 years of work experience put together in M/s Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) & M/s National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Limited. Further, he is a Certified Environmental Auditor from the Regional Institute of Environment Tech, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has the privilege of being a Life Member of the Combustion Institute, Pittsburgh, USA. He has been associated with the World Bank, E-7 Group of countries, National Power, UK and has contributed a number of technical papers in international programmes in the above areas.

Ms. Jasmeet completed her post graduation in Environmental Management from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Her research work was based on “CER Generation using the IGCC Technology in Indian Power Sector” from NTPC. Has over 3 years of experience in Environmental Industry and worked with some of the reputed organizations like CII – ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development and M/s Gati Infrastructure Ltd, which was basically a hydropower developer and implementing company. She has completed Environmental Impact Assessment Reports, Disaster Management Plan for Hydro power projects in Sikkim, successfully completed Dam Break Studies in association with M/s Lahmeyer International. Further, coordinates with Ministry of Environment and Forests for Environmental Clearance of the Hydropower Projects.

Ms. Megha is graduate from Delhi University and currently pursuing post graduate diploma in Management from Symbiosis, Pune. Further, she completed her diploma in PTT and also received computer certification from NIIT, Delhi. Presently, actively involved in organization’s administrative activities.

Mr. Dinesh has completed his B.E. in Electrical from Delhi College from Engineering in 1983 and works actively in project administration.

Ms. Anisha has completed her B.Com in 1987 and looks after the administrative framework of the organization.

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